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Which Web Hosting Solution is Right for You?

Choosing a good web hosting service to host your new website can be a difficult chore at best, you have probably noticed the abundance of ads for web hosting services that are all over billboards, TV and the Internet. If you are a novice when it comes to computers and website hosting you may not understand what a web hosting service is or what they do. You may have heard of some of the big names like or but you may know nothing about them except they have funny names and a lot of ads.

A web hosting company, at least most of them, provide many services related to your website or future website. They provide the “space” on the Internet where your webpage will reside and where visitors will be able to view your site, hence the hosting. Web hosting companies also provide domain names for your website such as, or Of course there are more domains available like and the new which is ran by a company named Global Domains International (GDI). GDI has been granted exclusive worldwide registry for all .ws website domain names and offers a money making replication system which you can join for free.

Most web hosting companies offer a variety of packages ranging from a few dollars a month for someone just looking for a basic site that will mostly be used by family and friends to much more expensive packages in which you have total a dedicated server and total control over your website as well as unlimited storage space and bandwidth for large numbers of volumes of traffic or downloads and uploads. Some web hosting companies offer total packages for you business including web design, shopping carts and payment solutions to help give you a complete solution.
Whether you need very little bandwidth and storage space or unlimited everything to handle hundreds of thousands of visitors a month most web hosting companies will have a solution for you, the price does vary and so does the service and features. Virtually every web hosting company offers free/low cost domain names when you sign up for their hosting and many offer really good deals when you purchase more than one domain, this can be smart to protect your business name. For example if you chose for your domain you may want to think about also purchasing,, and so that no one can grab those names and profit off the hard work you have put into creating

Even knowing all of this it is still not easy picking a web hosting company and part of the reason being that so many of them offer the same services and are all reliable. This is not to say that all web hosting companies are reliable, there are many out there to stay away from, however there are plenty of top ten lists on the internet and most of them have roughly the same list. It would be a safe bet to research some of those on one or more of these lists and chose one that suits your needs. For your convenience I have provided some links to some very good hosting companies, you will find all of these on most of the Top Ten lists for web hosting companies. Give one a try and you will have a website up and running in know time, good luck and have fun.

James L. Bishop

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