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5 Ways to Keep Your Visitors Coming Back and Earning You Money

How do you keep your traffic coming back?

A big part of running a successful money making website is the importance of having traffic that is continuously returning to your website time and time again. If they are visiting your site in the first place then chances are that you are providing the type of information of products they are looking for, you should keep this in mind and find ways to hold their attention. It is easier to convert returning visitors into paying customers since they have frequently returned to your site which creates a foundation of trust between the visitor and your website. These 5 methods of retaining visitors will help you succeed in running a successful AdSense revenue generating, or other type of money making website.

1) Start a forum, chat room or shout box

When you start a forum, chat room or shout box, you are providing your visitors a place to voice their opinions and interact with their peers -- all of them which are visitors to your site. As conversations build up, a sense of community will also follow and your visitors will come back to your site almost religiously every day. This can not only help bring in returning traffic but help you gain new traffic as well. This is a great way for visitors to learn more about your site and the type of information or services that you provide.

2) Start a web log (blog)

One key suggestion to entice your visitors to keep coming back to visit your site is to keep an online journal, more commonly known as a blog. By creating a blog and keeping it updated with the most current news about yourself, you will keep your visitors interest and have them wanting to return to your website to get frequent updates. As a rule, human beings are curious creatures and will return to your site if you are updating your blog with fresh information. Even if your website is already an AdSense or other form of advertising revenue generating blog you can start another which can be more personal. This is also another great way for you to build your credibility as you are showing your visitors that there is a real life person behind the website and not just a company looking to make money.

3) Carry out polls or surveys

In addition, polls and surveys are other forms of interaction that you should consider adding to your money making website. These interactive tools provide a quick way for visitors to voice their opinions and get involved in your website. You can also learn many things about your visitors from these polls; knowledge such as what types of services, products or information your visitors would like to see or how your website could be more user-friendly will be available to you in real time due to the information gathered from the use of polls and surveys.
Be sure to keep in mind the target market of your website, and be sure to stick to polls and surveys that will interest your website visitors.

4) Hold puzzles, quizzes and games

Just imagine how many office workers procrastinate at work every day by surfing the internet; procrastination is considered to be a part of human nature. If you provide an interesting or addicting form of entertainment on your website, you will be able to gauge an estimate of how many people will be returning visitors. These forms of website entertainment can range from puzzles to quizzes to games. Another suggestion is to hold weekly competitions that will provide the high score winner a chance to earn a prize of your choosing. Some ideas for prizes may be an upgrade to a higher status or perks for your website, just to name a few. This of course may not apply to many types of websites however you can use the same theory just in different ways to accomplish the same goal, keep your visitors interested and returning to your site.

5) Update frequently with fresh content

Finally, the most important tip to follow in order to have returning visitors to your website is to make sure that you update your site frequently with fresh content. I cannot stress this enough; content is king and the key to gaining and retaining visitors to your site. The originality and quality of the content on your website plays a large role in search engine ranking and having your sight be seen by millions of people. Visitors want to be able to have something new to read upon returning to your site and they don’t want to read the same thing they have read somewhere else. This method is the most widely known and the most effective in attracting returning traffic. Unfortunately, this method is also the method that is the least carried out because of the laziness of many webmasters. No one, including you, wants to browse a website that looks the same or does not provide new content over a long period of time, so make sure you update often with fresh bits of information that will keep your visitors coming back for more.

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